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"Become a master: Achieve professional excellence in embedded systems with our transformative Pass Star program!"

Each certificate in our Pass Star program is designed to recognize and encourage engineers to achieve excellence in the embedded systems field. As you progress through the program, you will earn stars, with the ultimate goal of reaching the prestigious 5-star certification. The requirements for each star are as follows:

  1. First Star: Earn your first star by passing the first midterm exam and successfully completing all assignments from lessons 1 to 5 in unit 2.

  2. Second Star: Achieve your second star by passing all three exams in unit 5, submitting Project 1/2 to your git repository, and providing a detailed report for each project.

  3. Third/Fourth Stars: Attain these stars by scoring above 75% in the review exam, technical online exam, coding online exam, and interview. Additionally, complete the optional big project in unit 11.

  4. Fifth Star: Secure the coveted fifth star by finalizing all third term content, mastering CAN labs (unit 13), completing ARM labs, and developing your RTOS project. Submit your project to your git repository for evaluation.

Please note that each star is awarded after a thorough review of your code, assignments, and scores to ensure you truly deserve the certification. Our goal is to help you reach new heights in the embedded systems field and become a true professional.

Our Pass Star program is designed for engineers who are determined to succeed and push their limits. Join the select few who have achieved this prestigious certification and demonstrate your commitment to excellence in the embedded systems domain.

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