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Classic AUTOSAR In Depth
Online Diploma (recorded by arabic)

🌐 Dive Deep Into the Core of Automotive Engineering with the Classic AUTOSAR IN Depth Diploma 🌐

Elevate Your Expertise in AUTOSAR with our Classic AUTOSAR IN Depth Diploma, the ultimate educational suite for embedded engineers. Units 2, 3, 4, and 10 are now complete, featuring fully accessible session videos right on our platform, ready to take your skills to the next level!

🚀 Unit 2: AUTOSAR Architecture and Methodology 🚀

  • Available Now: Get a solid foundation in AUTOSAR standards, from configuration parameters to understanding ARXML.

  • Benefits: Equip yourself with the knowledge to design and manage AUTOSAR compliant projects with efficiency and confidence.

📚 Unit 3: AUTOSAR Software Layer 📚

  • Available Now: Explore Use Cases of AUTOSAR Applications, delve into the System Design Process, and understand intra- and inter-ECU communication intricacies.

  • Benefits: Master the components that form the backbone of any AUTOSAR project, from Application Layers to RTE.


💾 Unit 4: AUTOSAR Operating System 💾

  • Available Now: Gain comprehensive insights into the OSEK/VDX standard, essential for managing the AUTOSAR OS layer.

  • Benefits: Understand the operating system that supports the execution of AUTOSAR applications, giving you the edge in developing robust automotive software.

🔧 Unit 10: Mastering CAN Protocol 🔧

  • Available Now: Deep-dive into the theoretical and practical aspects of the CAN protocol, crucial for vehicle networking.

  • Benefits: By mastering the CAN protocol, you'll be able to ensure seamless communication within the vehicle network, a critical skill for any embedded engineer.

📅 Upcoming Units: Shaping the Future of Automotive Software 📅

  • Units 5 to 9 and Beyond: Covering the MCAL Layer, COM Stack, NVM Stack, Diagnostic Stack, and V2X Stack, these units are meticulously being prepared to provide you with a thorough understanding of each layer by the end of this year.

  • Continuous Learning: Stay ahead of industry trends with updated content that keeps pace with technological advancements.

🎯 Why Enroll in These Units?

  • Advance Your Career: These units are designed to help you become proficient in the most in-demand skills in the automotive industry.

  • Hands-On Learning: Apply your knowledge through practical labs, quizzes, and projects that simulate real-world challenges.

  • Global Standards, Local Expertise: Leverage AUTOSAR's international standards to deliver locally relevant solutions in your engineering projects.

🌟 For the Ambitious Embedded Engineer:

  • Become a Pro: Transition from learning basic concepts to becoming a pro in handling complex automotive software systems.

  • Certify Your Skills: Enhance your professional profile with a diploma recognized by industry leaders worldwide.

🛤️ Your Pathway to Success: The Classic AUTOSAR IN Depth Diploma is not just a course, it's a career accelerator for embedded engineers eager to make a mark in the automotive world.

Enroll now and become part of the vanguard of automotive technology specialists!

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